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Company Overview

As Director and CEO of Olympus Protection Services, Steven Fortnam and CFO, Chaz Fortnam have accumulated over 35 years of experience in the Security Industry. Their professional experience has included Close Protection Management and physical security diagnostics, both locally and internationally.

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  • ARMED REACTION 100% 100%
  • GUARDING 100% 100%
  • TRAINING 100% 100%

Our employees are highly trained and skilled in ensuring the protection of our clients. We ensure that our employees represent our company in a professional manner. Our code of ethics, company policies and procedures will ensure that they are presentable., efficient and at all times ready to serve our clients. All our employees are Private Security Industry Regulation Authority registered. Olympus Protection Services will ensure that their policies will be to protect and serve our clients and their communities.


Our Protection Services

Armed Reaction

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Our Protection Services Process

Protecting what matters most with a 3-step approach: consultation, planning, implementation.

At Olympus Protection Services, we’re committed to providing top-notch security solutions for your peace of mind

Why Use Olympus

Safety: Olympus protection services will provide well-trained and experienced security personnel who can effectively manage and mitigate potential security risks. This can help ensure the safety of people, property, and assets.

Reliability: Olympus protection services will have the necessary infrastructure and resources to provide a reliable and responsive security service. Olympus protection services will be able to respond quickly and effectively to any security incidents or emergencies.

Expertise: Olympus protection services has a team of experts who can provide advice and support on security risk assessments, security planning, and other security-related matters. This can help you develop a comprehensive security strategy that meets your specific needs.

Compliance: Olympus protection services are subject to regulations and standards set by various authorities, including licensing, training, and insurance requirements.